How Bankruptcy Led to Financial Freedom: The SingleParent$aves Story


Welcome to Single Parent Saves. This blog is a result of my passion for learning all things financial and a desire to share my knowledge.

First things first. This blog would mean nothing if I didn’t tell the truth. As a single parent, I have experienced financial ups and downs. From bankruptcy, foreclosure, and five-figure credit card debt, to an excellent credit score. I have been through some mess!

All too often people shy away from discussing important financial issues that are really important and require a support system to navigate.

Its taboo to discuss your salary, net worth, debt, credit, savings, etc. In an effort to keep up with the Jones’, people are afraid to actually learn what’s going on with them to find out how to achieve financial stability and freedom. Hence this blog.

Since the age of 5, my parents have instilled in me the importance of financial responsibility and stability. By the age of 19, after I interned at Merrill Lynch for 3 consecutive summers, my thirst for financial literacy and knowledge blossomed into a full blown hobby. From there I became a sponge, soaking up insight from the brilliance of Suze Orman, Jean Chatzsky, David Bach, Clark Howard, Michele Singletary, and countless others. It is from their lessons and my experiences that I base the information in this blog. That means that I am not a financial adviser and do not recommend that you follow any of my advice as a final say in your own life. I am simply a resource for you to use and take no responsibility for the decisions you make after absorbing the information presented in this blog. You must consult your financial adviser when making final decisions.

With that background and disclaimer, I hope you find some nuggets of knowledge that gets your brain hungry for more and that inspires you too to become a single parent that saves!

What financial obstacles are you facing or have overcome? Post your comments below.

Happy Saving! Live well!

Author: SingleParent$aves

A single parent since 2003, join SingleParent$aves in being proactive and take charge of your finances in order to enjoy the life you deserve. Single parenting can be fun and rewarding, filled with vacations and memorable experiences, all without sacrificing a healthy retirement. Be a part of this community of single parents that are heading towards financial freedom today!

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